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The FunnelWeb Filter was designed and is manufactured by Infiltration Pty Ltd, an Australian Company with more than 40 years of experience in off road motorcycle foam air filtration within the organisation.

FunnelWeb Filters are manufactured utilising the latest technologies in open cell foam 3D profiling.
Our pyramid profile effectively doubles the filters outside surface area without increasing its overall size and, compared with conventional foam air filters, have been designed to;

  • Trap and hold more dust on the outside surface of the filter.
  • Maintain optimal air flow by spreading dust build over an increased surface area.
  • Enable longer filter service intervals.

A majority of FunnelWeb Filters are manufactured with a urethane/foam combination seal for strength and longevity.
These filter seals will not shrink, stretch or tear and will maintain their shape, regardless of how they are treated.
They are designed to provide an ongoing positive seal to the air box, ensuring any air entering the engine passes through the oiled filter foam.

Over the last decade our air filters have proven to be extremely effective in protecting high performance motorcycle engines in the harshest off road racing conditions worldwide.

John Rickman,

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The pyramid foam profile effectively doubles the outside surface areawithout increasing the filters overall size.

We believe foam air filters should be ‘surface loading’. That is, the ability to trap as much dust on the oiled filters outside surface where it is clearly visible.

Two stage filters allow fine dust to penetrate the outer coarse layer and deep into the body of the filter where it can’t be seen.

Our filter foam will;

  • Provide a 100% larger surface to trap more dust.
  • Trap dust evenly over the increased outside surface area while allowing optimum air flow for longer periods of riding.
  • Effectively reduce the frequency of filter changes and cleanings.
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Any air filter is only as good as its seal.

Most of the genuine, Australian made, FunnelWeb Filter seals are injection moulded urethane or a die cut, urethane / foam combination.

These seals will not shrink, stretch or tear and will maintain their shape, regardless of how they are treated ensuring any air entering your engine passes through the filter foam.

In some cases, air box design dictates the use of foam only seals which is where we use die cut polyurethane foam to do the job.


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